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Note: The dimensions of the panels are 1m x 2.5m and the recommended size for poster presentations is A0.


Collective motion and self-assembly of squirmer suspensions

Francisco Alarcón and Ignacio Pagonabarraga


Coexistence of inhomogeneous Bloch and Gunn type oscillations in semiconductor superlattices

M. Alvaro, M. Carretero and L.L. Bonilla


Physical ingredients controlling viral polymorphism

María Aznar Palenzuela and David Reguera López


Interocurrence times in the crackling noise of a pourous material

Jordi Baró and Eduard Vives


Strong confinement of a water monolayer induces 3D-like behavior

Valentino Bianco and Giancarlo Franzese


Compaction of single DNA molecules induced by self-aggregating peptides

Joan Camuñas


Numerical solutions of the kinetic equation for semiconductor superlattices with self-sustained current oscillation

M. Carretero, E. Cebrian, M. Alvaro and L.L. Bonilla


Geometry, topology and out-of-equilibrium dynamics in epithelial morphogenesis

Benedetta Cerruti, Alberto Puliafito, Annette M. Shewan, Wei Yu, Keith E. Mostov, Luca Primo, Guido Serini, Antonio Celani and Andrea Gamba


All-atom molecular dynamics simulations indicate that polyglu- tamine dimer prefer anti-parallel conformations

Hsin-Lin Chiang, Hisashi Okumura, Chun-Jung Chen and Chin-Kun Hu


Simple stochastic model to describe non-stationary nonlinear phenomena

Olga Chichigina, Alexander Dubkov, Bernardo Spagnolo and Davide Valenti


Critical and multicritical behaviors of dynamic susceptibility for a spin–1 Ising model with a random crystal field

Rıza Erdem, Mehmet Ağartıoğlu, Gül Gülpınar

Ghost resonance in the chaotic Chua's circuit

Iacyel G. da Silva, Marcelo L. Lyra, and Marcos V. Días Vermelho


Work fluctuations in systems with stochastic driving

Viktor Holubec and Artem Ryabov


Thermal segregation of intruders in the Fourier state of a granular gas

Nagi Khalil, J. Javier Brey and James W. Dufty


On the thermodynamic efficiency of Ca2+-ATPase molecular motors: a non-equilibrium thermodynamics analysis

Anders Lervik, Fernando Bresme, Signe Kjelstrup and J. Miguel Rubi


1/f noise in nanoscale Schottky diodes with delta-doping

Alexey Klyuev, Evgeny Shmelev, Arkady Yakimov


Linear response for the nonequlibrium system driven by convoluted Gauss-Cauchy white noise

L. Kusmierz,  W. Ebeling, E. Gudowska-Nowak


Large Fluctuations of the Dissipated Energy in a Simple Model System

Antonio Lasanta, Antonio Prados and Pablo I. Hurtado


Influence of the nanostructure of prefunctionalized walls on the dynamics and the thermodynamics of a solution of globular proteins

Fabio Leoni and Giancarlo Franzese


Fluctuation Relations for Spintronics

Rosa López, Jong Soo Lim and David Sánchez


A ratchet model for two-headed molecular motors

Rui Ma, Ouyang Zhongcan, Frank Jülicher


Rectification by mean of geometrical constraints

Paolo Malgaretti, Ignacio Pagonabarraga and Miguel Rubi


Diffusion in Macromolecular Crowded Media: Monte Carlo Simulation of Obstructed Diffusion vs. Frap Experiments

I. Pastor, E. Vilaseca, A. Isvoran, S. Madurga, J.L. Garcés, M. Cascante and F. Mas


RyR Refractoriness Effect on Calcium Alternans Mechanisms

Angelina Peñaranda, Enric Alvarez, Inma R.Cantalapiedra, Leif Hove-Madsen, and Blas Echebarría


Mean-Field “Temperature” in Far From Equilibrium Systems. Application to Chemical Reactions

A. Pérez Madrid


Decoupling stochastic sources in multivariate data: an application to NO2 stations

Frank Raischel


Asymmetric Brownian Particles and Motion by Stopping

Martin Reichelsdorfer, Susan Nachtrab, Christian Goll and Klaus Mecke


Stress Tensor Correlations in Small Scale Fluctuating Hydrodynamics

Martin Reichelsdorfer and Klaus Mecke


Reconstructing the free-energy landscape associated to molecular motors processivity. Application to intracellular transport

Jared López Alamilla, Iván Santamaría-Holek


How does the statistical distribution function of the diffusion coefficient scale with system size?

J.-M. Simon, P. Krüger, S. Lequin, T. Karboviak and J.P. Bellat


Shock detection in KIF1A dynamics via Jensen-Shannon divergence

J. Sparacino, P.W. Lamberti, and C.M. Arizmendi


Motor-Cargo systems: Different approaches to modeling energetics of the kinesin

Bartosz Lisowski, Michał Światek, Michał Żabicki, Ewa Gudowska-Nowak


Paramagnetic microellipsoids: from catalytic motors to Janus composites

Pietro Tierno, Oriol Güell, Francesc Sagués and Rosa Albalat


Inequality between the mutual information and the entanglement

Jaegon Um, Haye Hinrichsen and Hyunggyu Park


Crystal Formation in a Hydrophobically Nanoconfined Water Monolayer

Oriol Vilanova and Giancarlo Franzese


What randomness for what biological process?

Hector Zenil