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The title of this forthcoming edition of the Sitges Conference will be "Energy Conversion: From Nanomachines to Renewable Sources''. The general aim is to discuss recent advances in the investigation and implementation of energy conversion mechanisms in systems from the nanoscopic to the macroscopic scale. The topics covered by the conference include: nano-machines and their efficiency, molecular motors, biological pumps, fuel cells, biofuels, solar cells, energy optimization problems, climatic effects of the energy conversion and the thermodynamics and statistical mechanics foundations of energy conversion mechanisms.

With the organization of this Conference, we intend to stimulate a discussion, between different scientific communities working in the general fields of physics, chemistry, engineering and biology, about the challenges to face in the area of energy conversion. In this way we would like to favor the interchange and cross-fertilization of ideas, and to deepen the understanding of the open questions in the field.

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