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Our address is

Departament de Física Fonamental,
Facultat de Física
Marti i Franquès, 1
E-08028 Barcelona
Ph: +34 934021150 (secretariat)
Fax: +34 934021149

which you can find in this
local map , and you can see right at the center of this photograph. We are in the new wing of the Faculty of Physics Building. Some of us (with room numbers 4.nn) are in the fourth floor, and some others (rooms 3.nn) in the third floor.

Local transportation: Barcelona AirportBarcelona Metro, Local Trains (Renfe), Local Trains (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat).

How to get here

1. By public transportation

1.1 The most convenient way to come is to take
Metro Line 3 (GREEN), towards ZONA UNIVERSITARIA and exit at the previous to last station, called PALAU REIAL:  the department is in the building across from the exit (Facultat de Fisica i Quimica). The main entrance to the Facultat is in the small street (Marti i Franquès) perpendicular to the large avenue (Diagonal) -- see map.

1.2 Once you enter the building you should turn left to a long corridor, and walk until the end of it. You will see two elevators of the old wing of the building, which you can take to go to the 4th floor. As you come out, turn left, enter the new wing of the building and look for a floor plan to locate your guest's office. If you got lost, go to the 3rd floor and ask the secretaries of our Department.

To get to a Metro Line 3 (GREEN)  station:

From the airport

There is a bus (Aerobus; map here) which takes you downtown from the airport. You will find the bus stop as you leave any of the airport terminals. It runs every 10-12 min, approx. Take the bus to PLACA DE ESPANYA (first stop in town). Once there, look for the metro station; take Line 3 (GREEN) towards ZONA UNIVERSITARIA.

Alternatively, there is a train (
Renfe) every 20 min which takes you downtown. The train station at the airport is close to terminal A, about 10 min. walk from terminal B (the usual one for EU arrivals) and pretty far away from terminal C (Barcelona-Madrid shuttle). You want to exit at SANTS ESTACIO. Once there look for the Metro station, Line 3 (GREEN) towards ZONA UNIVERSITARIA.

The rest is as explained in 1.1, 1.2 above.

If you decide to take a taxi, this may cost around 30 euros, but it varies depending on traffic.

More useful info about
the airport and about travelling from the airport (also here).

From Sants Train Station

Go to the main hall of the station and look for Metro Line 3 (GREEN).


-Right by the entrance to the Metro there is an information booth where you can get a free plan of the metro line.

-If you're carrying heavy luggage, you should be aware that it's a fairly long walk from the hall of Sants Station to the platform for line 3, through underground corridors with several stairways and often without lifts nor escalators.

Timetable of Renfe trains.  More detailed and useful info on Sants station.

2. By car

The Faculty of Physics is right by the Diagonal Avenue, in the upper part of the city, on the right sidewalk as you drive towards the city center. There is a big parking lot (
Parc de Bederrida, big empty square in photo), free of charge, behind the Faculty of Physics building. Once you've parked, enter the building through the entrance in Marti i Franquès street, then follow the same directions as in 1.2 above. Beware: you should never, ever, try to come by car if there's a football match at the nearby stadium of FC Barcelona.

Accommodation for visitors

If you are visiting us you will probably be staying at the college accommodation at

Col.legi Major Sant Raimon de Penyafort
Diagonal 643
Ph: +34 933390048
Metro: Palau Reial (Line 3, Green)

This is (at the
center of this photo) within walking distance to the Faculty of Physics so you can follow the  directions above to get there. If you want to go to your accommodation, from the PALAU REIAL metro station exit just follow Av. Diagonal (the large avenue where the Facultat de Fisica i Quimica is) direction downtown (the same direction as the traffic closer to the Facultat de Fisica i Quimica) along the same sidewalk where the Facultat de Fisica i Quimica is.

An alternative accommodation is the CSIC residence at

Residència d´Investigadors
CSIC-Generalitat de Catalunya
C/ Hospital  64
08001 Barcelona
Tlf.   +34 934438610
Fax  +34 934428202
Metro: Liceu (Line 3, Green), Sant Antoni (Line 2, Purple)

To get there from the airport, take the train or bus to Pl. Catalunya (see above). Once there, take Metro Line 3 to Liceu (one stop). Close to the station exit , on the left sidewalk of the Rambla (going uphill on the Rambla from the sea to Pl. Catalunya), you will find the street Carrer de l'Hospital, in which the residence is located. If you are travelling light you might prefer to walk down the Rambla from Pl. Catalunya until you come across (to your right) Carrer de l'Hospital.

The CSIC residence and the Faculty of Physics are connected via metro Line 3, stops Liceu and Palau Reial, resp.

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