Reguera Research Group

... at University of Barcelona

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  • Nucleation
    Cluster snapshotNucleation is the starting mechanisms behind most first-order phase transitions such as crystallization, condensation, or melting. This initial step of the phase transition has a tremendous influence on the growth dynamics and final structure of the emerging new phase. It is highly desireable to control and understand nucleation in order to optimize many scientific and industrial processes, such as protein crystallization, polymer melts, or nanoparticle production.
  • Physics of Viruses
    Biological viruses infect organisms from all different kingdoms of life. In their simplest form they are just constituted by the genetic material (DNA or RNA) and a protective protein shell, or capsid. Our research focuses on the characterization of the different viral architectures and their mechanical properties from physical principles. In addition, we study the self-assembly of viral capsids and the different mechanisms of encapsulation and delivery of the genetic material.