CM | 22/02/2018
Symposium Organizers: Craig Maloney & M. Carmen Miguel

October 10-12, 2018, Leganés, Madrid (Spain)

This symposium will bring together researchers working on experiments, theory, and numerical simulation from across disciplines including theoretical mechanics, statistical mechanics, and materials science on a variety of material systems where the randomness and the statistical distribution of local properties gove rns the macroscopic response. The systems of interest include: Glasses; Granular materials; Soft glassy material (foams, suspensions, emulsions) ; Elastic networks ( hydrogels, bio-polymer networks ), Crystal plasticity (dislocation lines moving through a field of obstacles), Random quasi-brittle fracture in materials and at the geological scale. In many of these systems, understanding the rare configura tions in the tales of the statistical distributions, usually near a mechanical threshold, are key to understanding the macroscopic response. For example: i) the elastic properties of weakly cross-linked networks and gels are dominated by relatively few disordered vibrational low frequency eigenmodes, ii) the visco-plastic response of amorphous materials is governed by the few weak zones in the material which undergo plastic rearrangement, iii) size-strength relationships in random quasi-brittle fracture can be understood in terms of extreme value statistics. Relating these rare states to the macroscopic response is the key issue to be addressed .