CM | 21/02/2019
XXXIV Scientific meetings in the Mediterranean. -Josep Miquel Vidal- Menorca, 9-11th October 2018

Scientists, historians and analysts agree that most likely XXI will be the century of Biology. The augment of the technological capacity to obtain and manage large volumes of data from biological systems should lead biology and, in particular ecology, towards a new theoretical sphere, increasingly grounded on principles and general mechanisms.

In this...

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CM | 22/02/2018
Symposium Organizers: Craig Maloney & M. Carmen Miguel

October 10-12, 2018, Leganés, Madrid (Spain)

This symposium will bring together researchers working on experiments, theory, and numerical simulation from across disciplines including theoretical mechanics, statistical mechanics, and materials science on a variety of material systems where the randomness and the statistical distribution of local properties gove rns the macroscopic response. The systems of interest...

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Amplitude death and restoration in networks of oscillators with random-walk diffusion
Pau Clusella, M. Carmen Miguel & R. Pastor-Satorras
Commun. Phys. 4, 13 (2021)

Scalar model of flocking dynamics on complex social networks
M. Carmen Miguel & R. Pastor-Satorras
Phys. Rev. E 100, 042305 (2019)